Pastoral Placement

The scriptures and history abound with evidence that God works in His church through individuals. Further, He equips and calls specific individuals to use their gifts of leadership in specific locations. The process God uses to match individual leaders with specific ministries is varied and miraculous. We count it a special privilege indeed whenever God chooses to use us to facilitate such a matchup. There are two ways we are typically involved.

For Churches Seeking a Pastor or Additional Pastoral Staff

  • Notify the District Office Our first recommendation is to contact our office whenever a vacancy occurs or when a new position is added. Our experience has shown that healthy ministries have given much thought to theological, philosophy of ministry, and gift-mix compatibility of those in leadership. When a senior pastor position becomes vacant,we strongly recommend that the primary church leadership board meet as soon as possible with the District Superintendent. He will work with you on evaluating appropriate steps and processes to implement.
  • Go to MinisterConnection When you go online to create a position profile, you will be walked step by step through a very helpful exercise to identify the very characteristics of your church’s ministry.  For information regarding the fees for the use of MinisterConnection, go to and click on “Candidates” or “Churches” and take the “free tour.” Most of the nearly 4,000 pastors currently serving in EFCA churches nationwide will have created personal profiles. Additionally, hundreds of new candidates who are seeking to join the EFCA family after seminary graduation or from other ministries are also entering the database. By creating a church profile, this entire resource pool becomes available for potential matchup with your position.

For Pastors and Ministry Staff Opened to or Seeking Placement

Allegheny District Requirements

Before a candidate can be endorsed and recommended to a local church by the Allegheny District, that candidate must:

  1. Be a potential match, using MinisterConnection (This is a consultant-assisted tool, and there will obviously be circumstances where rare exceptions are made.)
  2. Have completed the Ministry Match (candidate only…spouse optional)

May God richly bless you as you do your part to seek Him, to wait on Him, and to serve Him faithfully.