Church Planting Rationale

In a District with 15 million people there could be as many as 12 million people who don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior.

We must reach every people group that is represented in our District.

We must become a multiplication movement in order to reach our District.

We must reach our inner cities with church plants and projects

We must become a healthy district with a primary emphasis on church planting.

America is the world’s 5th largest mission field.

America is the world’s 3rd largest Hispanic speaking mission field.

America has several layers of generations, ethnic groups, cultural and social groups all existing at the same time that must be understood and must be indigenously reached.

Planting Churches is one of the 10 Leading Indicators of Church-Health.   

The Scriptures & Societal Drift

  1. It’s a Biblical Mandate.
    Matthew 16:18; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8; Matthew 25:14-30
  2. It’s a natural result of doing the work of Christ.
    Acts1:15            120 PeopleActs 2:41           3000 People

    Acts 4:4             5,000 Men

    Acts 5:14           More and more believed

    Acts 9:10           Expansion of Christianity to the Gentiles

    Acts 16:5           The churches were strengthened and grew in numbers daily.

  3. It’s a sign of obedience.
    John 14:12;    John 20:21
  4. Churches are plateaued or declining
    80% of US Churches are plateaued or declining
  5. We close 3 churches for every 1 that is opened in the U.S.  
  6. The number of unchurched people are growing.
    There are an estimated 55-65% of the population not attending church.  The unchurched population in the US is so large that if it were a nation it would be the 5th largest in the world at about 200 million people.
  7. New churches evangelize better than  established churches.
    Churches less than 3 years old win 10 people to Christ for every 100 members.  After 15 years of age for a church they win an average of only 3 people to Christ for every 100 members.

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