The Allegheny District is committed to providing our churches with resources to help them fulfill the Great Commission.

The following is a description of the resources available. To schedule one of these events at your church, please contact us.

Training Resources are listed under the following categories:

Churches in Transition

The Pastoral Search Process

2 Hours

This training event takes you through the process of searching for your next pastor. We will walk through the “ministerconnection” program of the EFCA as well as outline steps you will want to follow.

Ministry Match Training

1.5 Hours

This training gives you  a thorough understanding of how to read and interpret ministry match profiles you will receive from “MinisterConnection.”

Core Values Identification

2 Hours

An essential element to understanding what type of leadership you will need when searching for a new pastor is to identify core values of your congregation. Our time together will guide you through a process of self-evaluation of core values in your congregation.

Interviewing Candidates Successfully

1 Hour

Learning to interview potential candidates successfully is key to finding the right person. This training will help you avoid common mistakes when interviewing and provide you with a method to ask the right questions.


Church Health 1

MODEL Workshop

7 Hours

This workshop evaluates the following:

Mission, Vision and Values of your church Outreach effectiveness of your church Disciplemaking process of your church Equipping ministries of your church Leadership development in your church Strategic ministry areas in your church

This workshop is excellent for leadership retreats or in a larger ministry context as well. It is best presented over a Friday night and Saturday morning.

10 Healthy Indicators (Next Step Workshop)

6 Hours

This workshop leads you into an exploration of the EFCA 10 Indicators of a Healthy Church. It requires your church to take a survey of the congregation before the workshop. Your church will walk through each area and how you scored and then develop a strategy for raising areas that need attention.

Developing A Ministry Action Plan

3 Hours

Walk through the steps of developing a ministry action plan in your church. This workshop is a good follow up after the MODEL or Next Step Workshop.

Healthy Leadership Boards

2.5 Hours

Who should serve in leadership, how do you select them, what are leadership boards supposed to be doing? These as well as other important issues are explored in this workshop. Learn to identify dysfunction in leadership boards and how to correct them.

I WILL Evangelism Training

4 Hours

Teach your people how to naturally and easily share their faith. Based on John 4, we examine 5 elements of personal evangelism. This workshop will teach each participant to share their personal testimony.

Church Health 2

Healthy Leadership Team

2 Hours

Effective ministry requires healthy leadership teams. Discover how to optimize your teams effectiveness. This workshop is based on Patrick Lencioni’s book, “The Four Disciplines of a Healthy Organization.”

Evaluating Your Disciplemaking Process

2 Hours

Investigate your process and effectiveness of developing disciples within your church. What is a disciple, and how to determine if you are growing them, are two critical questions churches must answer.

Church L.I.F.E Evaluation

3 Hours

Discover you churches programming strengths and weaknesses. Where do you focus your resources currently and where should you? This workshop helps you objectively evaluate your churches programming in 4 areas.

Mission, Vision and Values

3 Hours

Healthy churches have identified what business they are in. This workshop helps you identify the what and how of Mission, Vision and Values. Learn how to better communicate and lead by these 3 areas.

Coaching Ministry Team Leaders

3.5 Hours

A big reason that we have difficulty recruiting and keeping leaders is due to a fear of failure by the potential leader. This workshop will help you learn how to effectively coach ministry team leaders and staff. Learn how to effectively set people up for success and help them fulfill ministry objectives.

Church Health 3

Leading Change in Your Church

1.5 Hours

This workshop is designed to help you understand the basis for making changes in ministry. Beliefs determine values which drive actions, is the foundation of the process. We also examine 7 areas that affect change.

Assimilating New Attendees

1.5 Hours

Attracting new people to a church is important, but keeping them is many times a challenge. This workshop explores the areas that must be addressed for proper assimilation of new attendees.

Identify Your Church’s Grown Barriers

2 Hours

The wrong question to ask is, “What do we need to do to make our church grow?” The right question to ask is, “What is keeping our church from growing?” Being willing to ask the hard questions and face possible barriers to growth is essential to healthy churches. This workshop helps you understand possible barriers in your church.

Worship Service Evaluation

1.5 Hours

When is the last time you objectively looked at your worship planning? Are you facing worship wars within your church? This workshop helps you look at your worship service and evaluate possible areas that should be addressed.

Leadership Development

1.5 Hours

Do you have a leadership development process in place? Are you having trouble finding and keeping leaders in the church? This workshop leads you through 3 areas each church must address in leadership development. We look at your selection process, deployment process, and training process.

Outreach Strategies

1.5 Hours

How intentional are you at outreach in your church? This workshop addresses your churches current method of outreach and explores potential new methods.

Church Planting

Church Planter Assessment

8 Hours

This workshop trains you to be an assessor of church planters. This workshop takes you through the process of asking good questions and interpreting answers. Assessment of church planters is key to our district and national movement.

Church Planter Coaching

4 Hours

Learn the essential elements of coaching church planters. This workshop focuses on how to come alongside a church planter to provide them with support, resources and focus. Learn how to help a church planter become a healthy, successful church planter.

Becoming a Reproducing Church

6 Hours

This workshop is designed to help you understand and develop a strategy to plant another church. We explore essential areas that must be addressed in reproducing yourself as a church. Healthy churches are reproducing churches, learn how to begin to plan a church plant within your church.

Church Planting Bootcamp

5 Days

This is an extensive workshop designed to walk church planters through the different phases of planting a church. We examine necessary elements and steps from conception to reproduction of a church plant.

Additional Training:

Monthly Bootcamp Modules – in order to help planters and core-groups and mother or partner churches build their process, we offer training in a monthly format as well.   1 Saturday/month we meet in a central location to develop the planting process over an 18 month period.

Church-planters/plants are also invited and encouraged to attend several other training and sharpening events offered both by the district and by other Church-Planting groups through-out the year.  These include retreats, the Allegheny District Conference, the EFCA Leadership Conference, Stay Sharp, monthly pastors gatherings and more.

Existing Churches

The Reproducing Clinic

A one day seminar designed to help existing churches begin to think through the dynamics of becoming a reproducing or church-planting church.  This clinic is offered as a day event or as a 3 part event.

Churches Planting Churches

An  audio-visual and workbook training/planning tool designed as an unfolding MAP development tool for a church-planting leadership group in an existing church.  This process could take up to a year to work through and would be excellent in either a weekly small-group or ABF format.